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Asymmetrical VR Game

"Tridentia" is an asymmetrical VR game where one player in Virtual Realty fights against the other player on mouse and keyboard. This was a collabhorative project on which I was the co-lead designer as well as a programmer. I programmed several of the core mechaics of the game such as the VR player's ability to place traps around the map that snap to a grid points.

The objective of the PC player is to activate the portal in the center via activation platforms located in the temples on the corners of the map. The goal of the VR  player is to set traps and kill the PC player to prevent them from escaping through the portal. The PC player has access to special abilites that allow them to teleport, turn invisible, and disarm traps. The VR player can fly above the map in search of the PC player and use a variety of traps to stop them. Traps incluse a a smashing spike trap that you physically have to activate, siren that can be placed to help locate an invisible player, and even a giant tentacle to smash them or block their escape!

I was responsible for programming several of the core mechanics in the game:


- the VR player places traps that snap to a grid on the map by hovering their hand over the desired location. If it is a legal space to place a trap, when they release their grip, the trap snaps into place ready to be used

- the win condition for the PC player. They must stand on the "charging" location in the large temples on the corners of the map for a certain amount of time in order to allow them to escape through the portal. This a is an incremental variable tied to an animation on the portal.

- the smaller shrines on the corners of the map when stacked properly (the PC player can knock them over) will spawn bubbles that the VR player can pop and gain new traps to place

- VR player locomotion via joystick / touchpad on controller

- lots and lots of debugging of other game functions, for my teammate's as well as my own.

Here are some early work and progress videos for the trap placement in VR as well as a procedural level generation test that ultimately got scrapped from the final game.

You can download and try the game here!

Download and unzip the file. Then open TridentiaGame -> WindowsNoEditor -> Tridentia2.exe

The game should work with any tethered VR headset.

Because of the way that the PC player / VR player are set up, creating a "normal" UI for the start menu was a bit of a challenge. My team and I found a work around, but in order to navigate the start menu, use your arrow keys and the enter key. 

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


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